Corrosion Control Coatings For Automotive

Corrosion Control Coatings extend the life of the vehicle with preventive rust protection for vehicle body and underbody.

Corrosion Control Coatings For Transportation

Trucks, trailers, transit vehicles, RVs, etc. experience a great deal of wear and tear on the road. Corrosion Control Coatings Ltd., provides corrosion preventive coatings which can extend the life of the vehicles.

Corrosion Control Coatings For Military

Military vehicles perform in some of the toughest environmental conditions that create moisture, accelerating the corrosion process. Corrosion Control Coatings protects these costly assets, by extending their life and ensuring efficient performance.

Corrosion Control Coatings For General Industrial

Corrosion Control Coatings Ltd., provides products that protect industrial equipment, keeping them running longer and more efficiently for less downtime in your operations.

Corrosion Control Coatings For OEM

Corrosion Control Coatings Ltd., provides approved products that have met the stringent product performance testing required by one or more original equipment manufacturers.

Tectyl Distributor

We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of the full line of Tectyl® industrial corrosion control products in Canada.

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VOC Compliant

All Corrosion Control products meet the new lower Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Regulation that became effective in Canada in December 2010.

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Coupler-Tec Electronic Rustproofing

Exclusive Distributor

Patented Capacitive Coupling technology (non-cathodic) that works on passenger vehicles, transportation and heavy equipment.

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Corrosion Control Coatings has proudly partnered with Ryder Canada for fleet corrosion protection. Ryder Canada offers application abilities across the country.